Computer Troubles? We're On Our Way. 

Service to your door doesn't cost more. Home, office or home office. You call, we'll come.    

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Why The Computer Guy?

He's Finally Here!

The Computer Guy is a popular, affordable mobile computer repair service. Now in Chilliwack!

He's Mobile

The Computer Guy is fully mobile and will come to your home, office or home office. 

He's Affordable!

Where else are you going to find a guy like this, at this price, to do what he does?

Chilliwack Computer Guy is a mobile computer setup and repair service. We service homes, offices and home offices. We also offer a remote service that allows us (with your permission) to enter the computer from our office, perform the required tasks and exit the computer. No waiting and you save a ton of money. Perfect for snow days!


Despite the playful appearance of the Chilliwack Computer Guy site, we are fully certified, experienced and skilled in the art of not using “geek-speak” (technical language). Our guys are patient and friendly, even when you are frustrated.


Call us for computer problems such as suspected viruses, pop-ups, threats or hijackings. Use us for setup of printers, email, small networks and more.

Pricing Plans

How Much is all this Going to Cost?

Remote Repair

Stay right there. We'll remote in and fix the problem while you watch. 

Starting at


In-Home Repair

You call, we'll come. We'll take care of everything.  Fear not. 

Starting at


Business PC Repair

Business computers are given priority over at-home computers. 

Starting at


Meet the Team

Who's Behind All This?

Garfield McCormick



This is the guy who owns the business

Jason Wang



This is the person whot's coming over to fix you up

Evelyn Dador


This person does all our Google and social media stuff

Daisy Tungol



This person counts the bucks and pays the bills

Our Services

This is How We Do It

In-Home Repair
Remote Repair
Business Computers
In-Home Repair

You Call. We'll Come. 


What's neat about in-home computer service is that your computer is usually repaired that very same day, usually while you watch. No dropping off and waiting a week. You are back up and running right away. If the computer has to come in it's usually only for a day or so. 


  • New computer or printer/wifi setup
  • Viruses and popups removed
  • Document and data transfer while you watch
Remote Repair
Business Computers

Point of Contact

Isn't it Time We Talked?

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